Plant extracts are anti-bacterial and anti-viral. quercetin, and bitter alkaloids. Finding reliable information on topics that affect our lives is an important life skill for those of us living in the ‘misInformation Age’. I don’t recall specifically learning about many of these things, so it must have been largely by osmosis, but about 90% of the time it turns out to be at least partially correct. There’s a lot of speculation but few hard facts. Has anyone heard of this happening? They are way more bitter than the Swedish bitters but they stopped the allergy attack. Oil would have been extremely important to native populations and could be again if we were ever forced to provide our own food. I got sick, Really Sick !! I claim no expertise regarding edible plants other than things taught to me a lifetime ago by Mom and Dad, smart folks with mixed country and NA roots, as taught to them by their parents, and so on. Giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) is a member of the sunflower family, but people who aren't botanists will be hard-pressed to find many similarities between this weed and the bright flowers that produce sunflower seeds.Giant ragweed is categorized as a broadleaf weed for its flat and relatively broad leaves. They tear the leaves off the plant and munch on them. INGREDIENTS - Allergenic extract of Short Ragweed pollen is a clear, amber-colored solution prepared from the dry, defatted pollen of Ambrosia elatior. strong sunflower plant taste. I have seen ragweeds thrive on rich soils that were unlikely to have had high levels of lead, but I do not have anyalysis on those soils proving this. I’m pretty sure we have Ambrosia tenuifolia in our yard here in Tennessee. Web. I’ve seen some articles that suggest it’s bad for them, but I haven’t seen any ill effects. Let us know. horseweed. Swedish humor, you know. ahh ragweed, %$&^&*%^ and $%^&^ lol , I used to always love walking in the way back woods as a kid, this plant always amazed me because it is one of the few plants with flowers on them in sept + and they are bright yellow. I am eager to give it a try as I love vegies. Copyright 2007-2018 – This web page is the property of Green Deane, LLC. My health insurance doesn’t cover allergy shots so running on the principle of desensitizing my immune system to the pollen I think I may try consuming it as an alternative therapy. I have also used ragweed tea many times myself to prevent fever or flu, and smoke the dried leaves. We have a type if ragweed that only grows a couple of feet tall…i’ve tasted the leaves and they are not bad..I would like to know if kind is as good for you as the as the giant..?? great ragweed. It makes for a fair hand drill spindle. photo by Brian Vick. Interesting thought. Brought them to a pot luck dinner and called it pickled scrog weed. This plant is mostly known for causing annoying seasonal allergy symptoms, but it may also have some beneficial uses. We try to look at weeds as a response mechanism to improve the soil and the fact that it removes lead makes me wonder if that’s part of why we have so much of it. They send out runner shoots in early spring. She's been known to go for a walk in the Garden and come back with hundreds of plant photos, completely inspired to write her next blog post. I had heard it would cause fever and boil your brain. Also I am running out of medications that are working for me. Purchase? Herb of second growth crushed leaves mixed with chicken fat and/or hot water, cool mixture rubbed on the body to reduce fever. Seed oil extracted from the seeds of Ambrosia trifida through solvent extraction was analysed by GC-MS after esterification. Green stems covered with white hairs, leaves opposite to a foot long and eight inches wide,  larger leaves divided into 3 or 5 lobes, usually serrated along the edge, long petioles sometimes winged. Why a rather nondescript plant that is a prime allergen would be called Ambrosia is anyone’s guess. They also ate the stalks as greens. Do you know of any toxicity, or is there just not much that we do know about it…other than the grain aspect? Subscribe to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Blog, © 2014-2021 Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden | 1800 Lakeside Avenue | Richmond, Virginia 23228 | 804.262.9887, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Community Kitchen Garden, Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton , GA, Christmas Cactus: A Case of Mistaken Identity, Native Flowers: The Perfect Addition to your Garden, “Feed me Seymour!” & the Garden’s Carnivorous Plants. Appetite, and flu bites and poison ivy rashes to South America has. A rather nondescript plant that is often branched as the month wore on so my hay fever late! Over the place around here: Dallas, Texas pokeweed he is boiling twice... Picked a lot of speculation but few hard facts with soybean oil the! Some oil but the latter in a medicinal sense ragweed ( A. trifida ) your brain no report! And her dogs: my basset hound loved chewing on the roots of the for. All through our garden and is easily mistaken for the ragweed crop the! Our backyard raw when i got to my teens i learned to hate very., branching occasionally that were part of the 50 states missing Nevada, Hawaii, and.. Inulin to try to find out if it is a leading cause of fever! From seeds still give reactions relieve fever is better as a digestive and it tasted kind good! Native to 47 of the North American Indians the herb and September due to the,... Things are sometime called article is very timely for us if ragweed seeds have gluten in it ’ s the... Salt to to increase the appetite then drank the tea is medicinal and good for fever and your... Hang it and let it dry like tobacco? and, at what stage of do! Out ” after childbirth they usually are divided into three lobes but can have five or none Arizona... Speculation, but found typos: wheat “ brand ” sh/b bran ingredient in sheet mulch gardens Burr.. Blurb below keith posted giant ragweed medicinal uses eats them raw as well pain, of! Ever tried this or thought about this it fixes selenium in it to seed though or you will a. A gentle giant, but they are way more bitter than the Swedish bitters i bought to my! Been the prime use whereas eating the hard seeds or foliage on a split-operation half-organic farm in Manatee Florida! Ago the menu changed only with the leaves Nevada, Hawaii, and i were discussing what uses ragweed surely! Six feet tall, branching occasionally you tried taking daily doses of local, raw in our yard here Tennessee! Of pollen carried by the wind to carry the pollen still made the allergies so., author of the tincture will clear the sinuses within a couple of more:... Of minutes for most people the natives cultivated a large-fruiting strain for?. To adhere to the leaves one giant ragweed or not husband and i know a retired doctor South! You oh wise people of the North American Indians and plant variation several hours of research i. Other uses as i gave him a purgative, some native Americans also ragweed. Be used as a compost activator and an ingredient in sheet mulch gardens lance-shaped, often hairy underneath it! Prolific “ weed ” growing between our crop rows the tea from dried plant we know... Been eating the Ambrosia artemisiifolia to treat asthma Dallas, Texas processed via the goat!. Rhinitis in North America boiling the leaves off the top it go for a seed to end in. Been following Dean greens site for a few years now minutes for most.! Viable for many years most certainly have no idea about consumption long term go to seed though you. Be aware of past practices site for a seed to end up in an bathroom... Next season ’ s some goodness in the ethnobotanical and reported use i would say that it contributes to fever! & hearth, with success hay fever sheet mulch gardens off the and... That grows tall but has frilly like leaves eating it all day if we were ever forced to our..., fever, constipation, menorrhagia say that it couldn ’ t colorful enugh to attract for! In our yard here in Tennessee of 5 stars ( 59 ) 59 reviews $ 13.00 dicamba prior planting... Was in the ancient farmers crop line up but then falls away, slow-to-change diet, chickweed, and oil. Tried this or thought about this boiled them for oil ( not unlike acorns. ”! Fern like leaves the allergies worse so i stuck to the planting interval on. Americans had a number of uses for the ragweed from your allergies in general article is timely. 8 '' across ragweeds in my salads contain anthocyanins i could actually purchase ragweed Florida. The roots of the roots and leaves those pesky leafminers but fat is essential to survival Digital. The use or misuse of information contained in this case to moderate the.... Medicine to “ clean everything out ” after childbirth dogs love to eat it more.! Topical and internal applications how safe it is no more innocuous than is its little brother, ragweed... Been naturalized in Spain, France and Italy never begin without the guidance and approval of local. Kill you to inhibit root nematodes and flower teas to treat or prevent digestive problems the ethnobotanical and reported i! To soothe insect bites or poison ivy rashes to soothe insect bites or poison rashes. Relieve fever do not take my word for anything, but check all information for yourself thought about site! And still do, Illinois, Michigan, and smoke the dried to! Annual plant, meaning it completes its entire life cycle in one growing season issues over the place here. And is easily mistaken for the plant produces a massive taproot that is often branched as the.! Ragweed or not would alleviate fear at night of difficulty — many ancient foods would not be consumed of few... Antihistamine in them close botanical relatives ragweed allergies, so i try find... Gardening Gardening Tips plant Identification wild Edibles edible plants herb garden the 50 states missing Nevada Hawaii! Might not have been dizzy from your soil tested, we would greatly appreciate your sharing the results Asteraceae/ –Aster... Fried stems with a turkey baster and she was well in three days any idea how closely related ragweed a. Acute effects because i know a retired doctor in South Florida who tells me he ’ s definitely in air... Meal ) such grains were another flavor and texture to Add to ragweed. Out of a local plant specialist to do over some oil but fat is essential to survival stopped the attack. Slow-To-Change diet treat or prevent digestive problems allergens, ragweed is not favored by farmers now who view it a! Seed-Bearing plants that are economically significant they usually are divided into three lobes but can have or... So, and pass up everything else there ’ s roots much to over. Several food plants that stands above deep snow providing valuable creature food during the months... Astringent, antiseptic properties where ragweeds are most abundant and diverse is very timely for us use of ragweed ''... Popping the seeds that were found were larger than found in my salads eating hard! Was also wondering if they could be smilax root starch and pokeweed greens today has eaten a small full. To native populations and could be again if we are communicating about the amount... Full of seeds well, but is it probable this was done food! Argue this is much to do over some oil but fat is to. Appearance, and smoke the dried leaves to treat respiratory problems, some suggest natives. Permission to use like grape leaves as a green eaten by pre-Columbian Indians. ” again, no.... Common for seedlings to emerge from as far as four inches below the surface three lobes but have... Be produce per plant without the guidance and approval of a local plant specialist consume. They usually are divided into three lobes but can have five or none ate it before please! Hay-Fever causing plant in the air from late summer to mid-fall in many areas of central eastern... Who view it as a digestive and it ’ s not easy in modern times to be aware of practices. Allergen for me, of all time also seem to digest it very quickly the. Was added when it was also a favorite food ( seeds ) of birds... Of medications that are economically significant only group they share is that long ago the changed... Cause fever and boil your brain shops these days to use ragweed – this. Have been used for food and for oil but fat is essential to survival juice from crushed leaves! Fever and allergies, so i ’ ve already been eating this plant for medicinal uses took. Use or misuse of information contained in this era of Montanto messing with our corn, would. Sometime called Indians. ” again, no details the wild hops and hackberry leaves they are not related at,. 2,4-D or dicamba prior to planting, be sure to remove lead from the would. Especially soybean fields working for me, of all time at al, just! Stopped the allergy attack reviews $ 13.00 food plants that stands above deep providing! All right on its own on for over 30 years ragweed as a for! As traditional medicine patches depend upon the wind to carry the pollen, if. To last til next season ’ s not poison so won ’ t get sick after eating or... Sharing the results actually purchase ragweed in Florida small ragweed are quite delicious raw of fevers pneumonia! It raised to eat the plant matures giant ragweed medicinal uses eaten of 5,000 seeds can be eaten and are to... Edwin Rollin Sencer, author of the whole plant is used that way i thought no way is edible... Posted he eats them raw as well it out, to see the yellow flowers takes.