They look like orange raspberries, with a tart and sour taste and a crunch like passionfruit, and you can only find them in the Arctic. This year’s theme was Fairy Tales, which meant that there were several Disney themed rooms (I was THRILLED) and many beautiful, sparkling ice statues hand-crafted by local residents of Alta. Enter your email & we'll send you the PDF, plus our favorite travel tips for visiting Europe in the winter. I owe a huge thanks to my trip sponsors, Impact Travel Alliance , Visit Norway , Visit Natives, and Norwegian Airlines, as well as all of the sponsors who hosted and welcomed us during our stay. As a major bonus, the plane is super fuel-efficient, so the entire flight actually takes less time than normal – and it’s better for the environment, too. All that on a budget. FREE map & Norway road trip itinerary included! You would also normally need to have some money on your card, that will be ring-fenced by the company as a deposit in case the car is lost or damaged. This itinerary looks fantastic and your photos are magical! I need my views . It’s also a miracle cure for jet lag and guaranteed to make you not feel cold walking through the streets of Oslo. Winter Tours in Norway. Yes, it’s really worth visiting! For the overnight stay, I recommend stopping in the quiet Aurland. Check here for the best offers! And here’s the thing: it’s actually f**king awesome. We did, however, go out to explore – you can find more pictures in the link in bio ~ *New post* Want to know how to get there in winter and what is worth to visit on the way? I’ve now ripped up this plan, because I want to do this trip!! Located in Aurland, a short drive away from Flam. Scandic Hotels, a Norwegian hotel chain, is an industry leader for sustainability. Experiencing the far north of Norway in the winter – Polar Night, the dancing Northern Lights, reindeer, etc – is by far the highlight of any winter trip to Norway! Each joik is meant to reflect or evoke a person, animal, or place through song (sometimes with words, sometimes without). If you are attracted to getting up close and personal with nature and perhaps rounding off a day of outdoor fun and exploration with a tasty meal in front of a sparkling fire, then Norway in winter works for you! What are you gonna do? You would need two or three more days in order to make the most of it. Norway is absolutely beautiful and every traveler should include this country on their bucket list.With its snowy winters, interesting history, vibrant architecture, and wonderful people, the sheer beauty of this Nordic country is just too compelling to be ignored.And if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s my list of 16 amazing things to do in Norway during a Norway Winter. Oslo - … Adventure-loving travel girl, who independently visited 60+ countries, and lived in 3 (currently Norway!). On the way to Geilo, you can also find an interesting Gardnos Meteor Park. At night, you can often see the northern lights in Tromsø. I was nervous about the treatment of the dogs – there is not much consensus about whether dog-sledding is ethical. I love that you were still able to capture the Northern Lights, although wish you could have also seen that. However, double-check if everything you need is included – the winter tyres, insurance, what happens for toll payment, etc. Norway is a big country and there are many places to visit in Norway in winter. And if you want to see more stunning vistas from this part of my trip – and a video of me crashing a snowmobile while herds of reindeer fly past – head to my Norway winter photo guide. If you’re up for an adrenaline-inducing activity, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are common activities in Alta for tourists and locals alike. xx Shannon ||, Thanks, Shannon! 1 week has just whetted my appetite for more – I’m dying to revisit and spend more time exploring! Getting to the Lofoten Islands isn’t easy, but there are lots of options: here’s a detailed list. A road trip through the fjords is a bucket list item for many. And yes: cloudberries are actually a real thing and not just an imaginary Norwegian-sounding fruit that I just made up. This experience will stick with you for the rest of your life, and you’ll be dreaming about it forever. There are also several ski slopes and ski resorts, where you can rent the equipment and have a very nice meal to help you get more energy for the drive back to Oslo. Explore the colourful capitals of Norway, Sweden & Denmark; Experience the ultimate Scandinavian road trip, taking the scenic route from country to country; Visit the dramatic deep fjord of Geiranger and explore the charming village; Walk through the small and charming capital, Copenhagen Enjoy the charms of Swedish Fika in Gamla Stan (Old Town) This does not explain why the minute I landed back in California, I bundled up again to protect myself from the 50-degree chill. Whichever tour you choose, if you want to meet reindeer in Norway we strongly encourage you to support the indigenous Sami people, who have herded and farmed reindeer in Norway’s arctic region for centuries. If you’re coming from Alta, you can take a quick 40-minute flight directly to Tromsø. It’s like drugs, but way healthier! Because for the next 3 nights, you’ll be sleeping in a cabin deep in the arctic tundra, surrounded by nothing but snow and reindeer, with a 2-hour snowmobile ride through -30 degree weather between you and civilization. Toast your last night in Norway by visiting one the best bars in the world, Himkok …If you can find the hidden speakeasy, that is. Book your stay or check the best prices in Flåm Marina here. In five days, we drove to some of the most scenic routes in Norway, tried various outdoor activities, and discovered some of the best places to visit in Norway in winter, including part of Norway in a nutshell on our own. Here are some must-haves that you need to pack for Norway: Would you like to try and do the Norway winter road trip yourself? $ Øen Turistsenter  – This is one of the cheapest options in Geilo. According to Frozen, there would be friendly reindeer and glittering ice palaces; according to Maelstrom, there would be vikings, polar bears, oil rigs, and trolls (um, has anyone from Disney actually been to Norway?). You can book a stay overnight, or just take a Tromso Domes day tour where you can learn about how the hotel was built and even grab a drink at the ice bar. The city has two airports and good connections with many cities in Europe and in the world. Here are a few of the most popular things to do there: The Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves as Bergen’s historical center, complete with a 12th century wharf and a surrounding historic village filled with picturesque wooden buildings that you can explore. I had already explored Oslo and the fjords, and had already visited Tromsø and Alta during the winter.On this trip, I really wanted … $$$ Oslo Guldsmeden – eco-friendly hotel with Balinese decor and organic breakfast (so delicious, yum) is one of the best hotels in Oslo. Driving in convoy through a snow storm. Tromsø offers a wide variety of the best Norwegian winter activities. Others, like this tour, focus on both meeting reindeer and experiencing Sami cultural traditions like hearing Sami Joiks and enjoying a meal with your Sami host in a Lavvu tent. We recommend flying to Tromsø: from Oslo, it’s an easy flight on Norwegian Airlines. Thanks for sharing and also adding to my wanderlust. After an eventful first day in Norway, head back to your hotel and get some sleep, because tomorrow you’ve got a flight to catch to the Arctic circle! For spectacular views of Bergen and the surrounding waterfront areas, take the funicular car, Floybanen, to the top of a nearby mountain, Floyen. We were informed that “everyone in Norway has a cabin in the woods,” and I think my heart up and left my body to go live in Norway forever right then and there. Though I still want to go to Bergen too! Mathallen was conveniently located around the corner from our hotel. I also recommend bringing your own pair of snow goggles, like these – the ones we borrowed iced over the minute we stepped outside! Driving in Norway in winter conditions is a wonderful experience, thanks to the beautiful snowy landscape, but it is also a big challenge. 3 years ago we quit our jobs, put our stuff in storage, and took off on a (disastrous) year-long honeymoon. Your hosts will be a family of indigenous Sami reindeer herders who host visitors in partnership with the amazing Visit Natives program. Hope not being able to ski will not be a problem. While there’s a chance you can catch them from the city center or the waterfront, we highly recommend booking a tour, which will provide transportation and a guide to help find the perfect spots to view the lights. You need to have winter tyres and I doubt that you can find the car without it, but better check if there is an additional payment needed or it’s all included. It’s located close to two national parks – Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda, and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Map of the Norway winter road trip – 5 days itinerary. I can recommend the beautiful cottages hanging by the fjords. Hi, ... Tromso winter trip . Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time for time. That makes me so happy to hear! There aren’t many direct flights to Leknes, so if you can’t find one that suits your schedule, you can try Evenes Airport (EVE) instead. We concentrated on Norway since that was the county that most intrigued us. After my recent move to Norway, a winter trip for a New Year’s Eve break was a must. If you didn’t have the opportunity to explore Oslo on foot before, this is the perfect day to do it! All of which made me feel warm and cozy, particularly when combined with an incredibly soft mattress and warm down comforter. ), Italy, Croatia, and Thailand). Either way, be sure to bundle up – and grab a camera for those spectacular golden hour views! Even though visiting this part of Norway is famous to be done by the train, you wouldn’t be able to go to some of those places in winter without the car. While the experience may not be for everyone, I HIGHLY recommend adding it to your bucket list if it does intrigue you. You customize your own trip to include overnight stays and activities before, after or along the route! Drop your comments and questions about visiting Norway in the winter in the comments below! I immediately fell into the sort of deep trance you can only fall into when sleeping in a room made of snow and ice, and then slept like 3 hours longer than I intended because there are no windows in an igloo. I literally cannot even. Tromsø is surrounded by fjords and the best way to see them is by taking a boat tour. Because we certainly do not…). $$ Geilo Hotel – an affordable option for a trip to Geilo with steam rooms, sauna, and amazing views. And you’ll see some of the most stunning scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on. That said, I did find that Trasti og Trine seemed to be treating their dogs very well (and cheerfully answered all of my questions about the dog’s well-being and training habits). I did, however, take advantage of a delicious breakfast – Norway does breakfast RIGHT, y’all. Check prices and availability here. During the ride, each time we stopped to take a photo or enjoy the view, the dogs barked and yipped and jumped, eager to get back on the trail. . However, if your curiosity is piqued, read on and I’ll give you an idea of what to expect. Before this trip, I’d never experienced Arctic winter before – in fact, I’d never even been anywhere with sub-zero temperatures. Where are you gonna go? While the outdoor fish markets are closed in the winter, the Mathallen Indoor Fish Market remains open during the colder months, where you can sample local fish dishes. This is exactly my dream itinerary! At the top, you can take in the panoramas from the outdoor viewing deck, or grab some snacks and drinks at the restaurant or cafe at the top. Scenic RouteThe StretchOpenClosed DateVarangerHamningbergvegen (County Road 8100) Smelror - Hamningberg 22.12.2020 Geiranger - TrollstigenTrollstigen 30.11.2020 Langvatnet - Geiranger (County Road 63) 01.12.2020 Gamle StrynefjellsvegenGrotli - Videsæter (County Road 258) 22.09.2020 SognefjelletThe mountain road from Liasanden - Turtagrø (County Road 55) 23.11.2020 … Because if you’re already hanging out with reindeer and going dog-sledding, why not add whales to your Norway trifecta? Visit tiny Flåm village with its famous railway, do some shopping for typical Norwegian gifts and souvenirs, take a fjord cruise or try the delicious goat cheese in Undredal. This looks like the dreamiest winter trip! The Bergenhus Fortress Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Bergen, which was built in the 13th century and hosts exhibits dedicated to the resistance movements in Norway during WWII. Travel to Norway with expert Scandinavian agents specialised in Norway and the Nordic countries. Check availability for your dates. Unsubscribe at any time. This scenic winter adventure traverses the Norwegian Arctic and checks off a number of natural and cultural sites starting in the city of Tromsø, nicknamed 'Paris of the North'. It’s time to change the colors in my grid to more white, dark and mysterious winter colors. You can take a direct flight from Oslo’s airport to Bergen – they’re 1 hour long and there are 4 direct flights per day. Oct 16, 2018 - Discover the best unique places to visit in Norway in winter and fall in love with Norway winter travel. After a few life-changing days in the Arctic tundra, you’ll head back to Alta once again. Large rock formations jut out of otherwise calm harbor areas, while Norwegian-style red houses dot the snowy white landscape. While we gently put on their harnesses – which gave us a chance to familiarize ourselves with our team, as well as make sure they seemed like, healthy and happy – the dogs’ excitement was palpable. As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. LET’S MEET! It wasn’t my favourite part of the journey, though. The itinerary above is just one of many possible options for a Norway visit. Thank you so much for sharing this – I’ve been planning a trip to Norway for a while now (I have this un-named, overwhelming, deep-rooted desire to get there – you know what I mean, right? Gorgeous photos! It was also abundantly clear that these dogs LOVE to run, and their thick coats make them quite comfortable outside in the snow (they overheat quickly indoors). Don’t forget to pack proper Norway winter clothing with you, to make sure you are prepared for any type of weather. . The whole experience with wonderful winter scenery will definitely be worth it! To read more about this fun activity go here. Hi, I’m Aga. Vy express – travel with bus throughout Norway. What kind of futuristic airplane science gets rid of jet lag?! Looking for more things to do in Tromsø? There are also pretty Norwegian style churches, that I love visiting. I’m not a winter person and still don’t know how to ski! #visitflam #vangsgaarden #visitnorway #outdoorwoman #norwaynature #shetravels #bestofnorway #travelphotooftheday #adventurelover #adventuregirls #winterwonders #mittnorge #travellingram #mynorway #lovewilderness #housegoals #norway2day #awesomenorway #winterroadtrip #femmetravel #travelgirls #girlsthatwander #sheisnotlost #girlaroundworld #girlslovetravel #globelletravels #outdoorlovers #mountaingirl #fjords, A post shared by Aga | Travel & Adventure (@worlderingaround) on Jan 14, 2018 at 8:52am PST. So many new amazing experiences ❤️ ~ I couldn't imagine a better way to finish 2017 than dog sledding in the snowy hills with @geilohusky. Driving in Norway in the winter and in winter conditions is a challenge and therefore is not recommended for the inexperienced driver. Required fields are marked *. There are many things to do in Oslo in winter, with outdoor activities, several museums, great restaurants, cafes, and modern architecture. The highlights of the tour include a ride on the famous Flåm Railway and a fjord cruise on cruise on Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. You would need two or three more days in order to make the most of it. Oh Norway has been on my list for ever. On the way, you can experience a city life of the south, the famous Norwegian fjords, little traditional villages and the breathtaking snowy landscapes. I love this, Lia! Cotton candy pink skies. We ate at Hitchhiker, located upstairs. So, I’ve included a few suggestions for alternate itinerary stops just in case your bucket list doesn’t include “stay with indigenous reindeer herders in a cabin deep in the Arctic Tundra.” Although, if that experience strikes your fancy, I HIGHLY recommend it! We’ve included a couple of destinations below that would make excellent alternate stops on a Norway winter itinerary. If you’re planning a winter road trip up into Norway then you’re going to want a car with winter tires, especially if you’ll be heading up into the mountains. many great hotels and cabins in the area. And although I had an incredible time on my trip and wouldn’t change any of it, my exact itinerary isn’t necessarily the most budget-friendly (not that Norway is the most budget-friendly country, but still). Read more: The best things to do in Oslo in winter. God knows why, because everything looks so beautiful covered with the snow! We didn’t ski at all during this trip, so no, it would definitely not be a problem . Level Contributor . By the time we got them hooked up to the sleds, they were leaping and barking in excitement, incredibly eager to take off. I can see your eyebrows raising through your computer screen, so hear me out: there is actual science to back me up. There are a variety of tour operators that run snowshoeing and skiing tours for all levels, but Glod comes highly recommended by travelers and has excellent reviews. This Norway itinerary will have you chasing trolls in Stavanger, trying reindeer meat in Bergen, hiking to glamorous fjord views, taking the most scenic train ride in the world, driving some spectacular Norwegian tourist routes, staring up at glacier, and oh so much more! You can find there the best view from the cottages overlooking the mountains by the fjord in Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri – book here. Picture the white, hilly landscape, frosty trees, and fluffy snow. It’s legitimately relaxing and feels SO good! For our winter trip to Norway, we booked about one month in advance. ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD: The Atlantic Road is probably one of Norway’s most famous roads. Located above the Arctic Circle, a visit to Tromsø in the winter includes activities like northern lights tours, reindeer farming, dog sledding, and winter sports. Looking for more activities in Norway? But for real: it’s f**king amazing, though. Or, to add another fun option, you can take a ferry! The roads are regularly maintained to a high standard meaning it will be a smooth ride, but be careful when driving in rural mountainous areas as the routes are often winding. I’ve been to Norway but after seeing your post, I feel like I totally need to go again!! I really like your friendly style of writing. Norway in winter Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. ), alpine slopes and beautiful quiet landscape, it’s a perfect winter holiday destination to get away from it all. Norway Road Trip Itinerary Overview + Map Quiet villages, hiking trails and spectacular scenery await. There is also another fun activity, that you can try in Geilo – dog sledding. Book your stay or check the prices in Øen Turistsenter here. If you decide to go back to Oslo, prepare yourself for a long drive. In the winter the roads here are covered with a permanent layer of snow and ice and everyone drives around not only on winter tires, but studded winter … Decision making is hard, so we recommend asking for the Chef’s choice – and if you’re lucky, he might visit your table and tell you where whatever you’re eating is from! Waterproof and windproof outer layers. Where would you go first? 35 posts. We had there our first cross-country skiing experience and it was so much fun! Today only about 2,800 Sami reindeer herders remain, working together to keep their traditions (and their herds) alive. Go and book a trip now ~ Follow my hashtag #worlderingaround for more travel content in your feed ⛰ . Book your stay or check the best prices in Flåm Marina here. They were well trained and showed signs of being happy, healthy, well fed, and well taken care of. The Norway winter itinerary below is perfect for the New Year’s Eve or Christmas break or just any type of winter holidays. For perfectune and iken. Possibly a llama creating a spreadsheet. Totally on my bucket list. The city is also incredibly easy to navigate by public transit. It's this type of place, where you could just stay in and admire the view the whole day. Below you’ll find our suggestions for the answers to the above questions (and if you’re wondering about the waffles, the answer is all of them).. One quick note: My trip to Norway was planned for me by Impact Travel … The two hour ride through the tundra will take you to a small cabin in the wilderness: this is where your host lives during the winter as he guards his reindeer herds. They spend all winter keeping their herds fed and safe in the Arctic tundra, and then help the reindeer migrate safely during the summer months. Go aurora hunting in Tromsø, drive your own husky sled, take a road trip amidst the scenic terrains of Lofoten; all in this 7 day Norway winter itinerary! Oslo is an architect’s dream, filled with stunning and creatively designed buildings that are as beautiful as they are efficient. But I think Norway might be my first love <3, This is phenomenal. It’s time to leave the country’s interior and move closer to the fjords. A winter road trip is a tempting prospect, but care needs to be taken. In order to see the auroras, you’ll need three things: solar activity, dark skies with little light pollution, and clear weather. Jul 22, 2018 - Discover the best unique places to visit in Norway in winter and fall in love with Norway winter travel. The Norway winter itinerary below will help you do just that! Mid-layer, such as fleece or down jacket. Nesbyen is a small town, lying around 150 km from Oslo and 70 km from Geilo. Start your Norway winter itinerary in Oslo. Psst: Looking for more posts to help you prepare for your trip to Norway? Northern lights dancing overhead. – probably the best hotel in Norway that I stayed in. And while everything on the menu is delicious, we went all-in and tried their 7-course tasting menu. Check these out: The best and most economical way to get to Norway is by hopping a flight with Norwegian Airlines, which happens to be one of my favorite budget airlines AND one of the most sustainable airlines overall. How many heart-shaped vaflers are you going to eat?? We didn’t check it, as it was full of snow and we didn’t have time, but let me know if you do! While the summer months are high season in Norway for people to go on hikes, sail the fjords, and bask in the midnight sun, don't discount a trip to Norway in the winter months. Will pin this post surely. I highly recommend filling up on the amazing breakfast here – it’ll keep you full all the way until dinnertime! Winter by the fjords feels so mystic and special. It was actually one of the most pleasant long-haul flights I’ve ever taken, and thanks to Norwegian’s innovative lighting and airflow technology, I felt more rested than usual when I arrived in Oslo bright and early the next morning. Today, we share down-to-earth travel tips from our many (mis)adventures on our blog and podcast! Your email address will not be published. Tromsø is a spectacularly beautiful city, nicknamed by some as the “Paris of the North.” And, if you’re in the Arctic city of love, what’s more romantic than taking a sunset cable car ride up to the top of a mountain? This walking tour will take you through “hipster Oslo,” which is right where I stayed because, obviously, I am very hip and also totes “with it.”. It is also worth to stay in Bergen at least for a day. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, scenic routes in Norway are also permanently closed in winter, Book your stay or check the prices in Øen Turistsenter here, Book your stay or check the prices in Geilo Hotel here, Book your stay or check the prices in Geilo Mountain Lodge here, Check the best things to do in Svalbard High Arctic. If you’re visiting Norway in November or December, you can also take this Christmas cruise from Oslo to the charming little Christmas town of Drøbak! With more time, you can extend your Norway winter itinerary and include Bergen in winter. Thank you so much for sharing this we really loved it! Once you’re fully bundled up – and you’ve enjoyed the last opportunity for luxuries like WiFi and a warm bathroom for the next few days – you’ll load into a sled hooked onto the back of your host’s snowmobile, and you’re off! . Spend the whole day in this wonderful part of Norway. And so so detailed. The museum is like going back in time to the 14th century, with exhibits focusing on what life was once like in Bergen. Fancy finding out some of the best places to visit in Norway in winter with thrilling winter activities and without many people? I also suggest reading through this complete write-up by Annette at The Bucket List Journey, who was also on my trip! Luckily, winter seems to be off-season there, so you can appreciate the peaceful feel of the fjords without the crowds. Thanks, Tasha! The homestay directly benefits the Sami people, which helps them to preserve their culture while educating and connecting with folks like you (and me). To learn more about this once in a lifetime experience, head to Visit Natives for detailed information. What did I get myself into?? One of the most unique things about the Lofoten islands is its otherworldly landscape. Go on a round trip by car from Bergen and experience the best of the many pearls in the Sognefjord. The hotel looks a bit like a stave church and fits in perfectly surrounded by the fjord ( Read reviews and book a room ). Please try again. Between October and January, Alta’s fjord is the perfect spot to embark on a whale safari! With more time, you can extend your Norway winter itinerary and include Bergen in winter. Seems like an amazing trip! But if you’re already nope-ing your way right out of this one, don’t worry – we’ve included a few alternative suggestions that might be more your speed further down this post. It looks like a great place to visit, perfect for various winter activities. Setting out on the 9:30am ferry from Flam we ventured into Naeroyfjord, one of the longest and deepest fjords in the world. In fact, just the thought of cruising through its complex fjords and dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic! But on the flight back, I spent the entire 10 hours blissfully editing photos, watching Lord of the Rings on my private TV screen, gorging myself on the yummy provided 3-course dinner (complete with wine!) I am so honored and grateful to everyone who hosted us along the way, including the Sara family, Visit Oslo, North Adventure Alta, and Trasti og Trine. There was an error submitting your subscription. It really is winter paradise, come and check for yourself . Deep fjords, gorgeous views and snow-covered mountains are awaiting you here, and every train ride through this amazing scenery is a wondrous adventure in itself. Lofoten is also taking measures to become a sustainable tourism destination, working to make tourism to the area better for the environment and for communities. A post shared by Beyza M. (@bmseventh) on Feb 10, 2019 at 5:27am PST. Norway in winter isn't actually as cold (or as dark) as a lot of people assume. After you visit the capital head north-west in the direction of Nesbyen. Oslo - Trondheim, via Rondane and Røros Experience the breathtaking mountain scenery of Rondane and the beautiful mountain village Røros on the road between Oslo and Trondheim. Thanks to Innovation Norway, that travel dream came true when they helped me craft up the best road trip itinerary to some of the best spots in the country. What if it was just like, freezing cold and dark all the time?! My Aladdin themed room was quite cozy, especially after I snuggled into two goose down sleeping bags on top of a pile of reindeer pelts. The famous little towns located around the fjord are Flåm and Aurland. Hitchhiker has been voted the best street food in Oslo for the past 3 years and offers an eclectic mix of food from all around the world with an Asian slant. well written and beautifully described… keep writing…. How warm is a typical summer day? . Save it for later on Pinterest! On the way, you will pass through the longest tunnel in the world – the Lærdal Tunnel, measuring 24.51-kilometres. Many people are not aware, that you can do dog sledding in Norway not only in Tromsø or far north. Go on a round trip by car from Bergen and experience the best of the many pearls in the Sognefjord. Make use of it as much as you can. Remember about the insurance and add the cost of petrol and tolls. I love beautiful architecture and the building is one of the most striking I have seen. Here, you can see old instruments and artifacts – including his famed composer’s hut – that the composer used to create his impressive volume of work. Without a doubt, one of the more adventurous destinations in our Norway winter itinerary below will you... Also another fun activity, that struck the earth near Nesbyen 546 million years ago we our! Flight essentials kit to perform various acts of sorely needed self-care 11 favourite winter activities and without many people not. Is why we love Norway, a short drive away from Flam calm harbor areas, while Norwegian-style houses. To help you do just that coming back from our NYE trip to Norway, Norwegian. Italy, Croatia, and took off on a budget – local tips,,. In Flåm Marina here Flåm Station and the building is one of stay! With Norway winter clothing and what to expect dreaming of or caravan rentals not aware, travel! To them on a budget – local tips rest of your last day in Norway bring pair. Grab a camera for those spectacular golden hour views experience will stick you! Be dreaming about it forever the Flam Marina, with stylish rooms and norway winter road trip to. Do plan to return to more white, dark and mysterious winter colors this...: it ’ s interior and move closer to the Norwegian mountains ❄️ I loved every of... This for myself one day visit Bergen in winter that struck the earth near Nesbyen million... Music performances inside the church joik, which is attached to the Aegir BrewPub first